Carnivore and Herbivore Ecology and Conservation

Dr Devcharan Jathanna
Programme Head

Dr Devcharan Jathanna initially joined WCS-India in 1998 and has worked on the ecology of large carnivores and their prey since then. He handles study design, data analysis, and scientific publication-related activities. Along with Killivalavan Rayar, he oversees the field research and data processing, for WCS-India's long-term research on large carnivores and their prey. He also provides technical support to other research programmes within WCS-India, coordinates with national and international research collaborators develop proposals towards raising funds, obtaining permits and facilitating collaborations with partner institutions, and helps put together donor and technical reports. He also trains WCS research staff in various aspects of field research and data analysis, teaches courses, and guides students at the WCS-NCBS MSc Programme in Wildlife Biology & Conservation. 
Dev, as he’s known to friends and colleagues, received his MSc in Wildlife Science from the Wildlife Institute of India in 2001, and his Ph.D. from Manipal University in 2016. His doctoral research focused on generating the understanding of the biology and ecology of Western Ghats small carnivore species that are relevant to their conservation, using a diversity of approaches. He is proficient in distance sampling, capture-recapture modeling, occupancy estimation, other statistical modeling, as well as study design and field data collection protocols for these different analytical approaches. Dev has extensive experience in designing and conducting academic courses, technical workshops and field training programs, for field research staff, MSc & Ph.D. students and faculty in India, southeast Asia and central Asia, since 2006.


Kiran Yadav

He has been with WCS-India since 2007. He works as the Research Manager and carries out research-related activities, including mapping and geographical information systems (GIS) work, overseeing and coordinating the critical processing and validation of field data.



Santhosh M N 

He has been with WCS-India since 2007. He works as a Research Officer. He is involved in Tiger and prey monitoring activities in field sites, and processing the field data.

Shivakumar M D

He has been with WCS-India since 2012. He works as a Research Officer and is involved in tiger and prey monitoring.


Somashekar N B

He works as a Senior Research Officer and is involved in tiger and prey monitoring.


Srikanth Rao

He has been with WCS-India since 2011. He is currently working as the Senior Research Officer and involved in Tiger and prey monitoring. He performs research-related activities in field sites, and processing, validation of field data.









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