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Wildlife Week 2021

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Wildlife Week 2021
(October 08, 2021) When an entire week is observed as Wildlife Week, there are infinite possibilities to celebrate it. First observed in 1957, the week is celebrated with the vision of preserving the flora and fauna of our country. For this year's Wildlife Week, we bring you those national parks and biosphere reserves that are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. While every inch of the planet and all its areas of pristine wilderness need to be revered and conserved, we illustrate these heritage sites as their symboli...


An evening in Kashmir, in the lap of the Himalayan mountains

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An evening in Kashmir, in the lap of the Himalayan mountains
(October 06, 2021) Photostory by Sourabha Rao The sickle moon is a soft scatter behind the dark, rootless clouds that float above the jagged mountainline. On a stream here, moonlight spills generously but shatters and splinters incessantly without making a sound, stirring the waters with practised silence. The cold, numbed sense of monotony that had lurked back in the city is slowly unfreezing and it’s exalted interruption for the mind. But not everything about being in the mountains of the Himalayas ...







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