Project Management


Dhee provides consultancy in designing and conducting social science research at WCS-India. She is a researcher interested in the human dimensions of wildlife conservation, specifically the psychological and socio-cultural factors that shape people's perceptions towards wild animals. She is curious about human-wildlife entanglements and how they shape and get shaped by stories, social institutions, cultures and histories. Apart from this, she has a keen interest in theatre and philosophy. 

Tanvi Kakodkar

Tanvi Kakodkar is a Project Assistant in the Project Management team. Tanvi is a post graduate in Economics. She has previously worked with communities living in forest fringe villages, addressing their livelihood challenges, reducing their dependence on forests and bringing about a social transformation that broadly led to a peaceful coexistence of the vulnerable communities with wildlife. Tanvi is passionate about sustainable growth that is inclusive and which leaves no person behind. 
Her areas of interest lie in skill development, finding sustainable alternative livelihoods and CSR for creation of a greater social capital. When not working, she enjoys cooking and exploring new places and cultures. 






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