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Creating Conservation Opportunities: Commodity Agroforests as Wildlife Habitats

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(April 28, 2015) Bengaluru: India became the world’s first country to adopt an agro-forestry policy, last year. Experts are now paving pathways to gather policy-relevant scientific data to benefit both biodiversity as well as agro-forest practitioners.A new interdisciplinary research paper titled ‘Political ecology of commodity agroforests and tropical biodiversity’ has now provided the framework for further research on this complex yet crucial model for future conservation. The authors include...


Researchers predict human–wildlife conflicts in a breakthrough study

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(March 19, 2015) March 19, 2015: Pioneering research led by a Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) India Program scientist has established a reliable approach to predict when and where human–wildlife conflicts are likely to occur. Analyzing conflict incidences over time, the researchers revealed mechanisms that influence patterns in crop raids by elephants in their study area.The research has important implications in India, where over 400 people and 100 elephants are reportedly killed in conflicts annually...


Thinking beyond corridors: new perspectives for better wildlife conservation

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(February 04, 2015) Bengaluru, February 4, 2015: Providing fresh perspectives to the contemporary concept of connectivity, or corridors, between forests to save tigers and other wildlife, researchers now stress on broadening our understanding of ‘connectivity’ to address conservation challenges more effectively.The new view will help develop innovative connectivity strategies, as it advocates thinking beyond the typically-used thread-like ‘wildlife corridors’ for allowing animal movement. It...


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