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Dr. Shailendra Singh
Conservation Biologist

Dr. Shailendra Singh earned his Master’s degree on the Gharial (Gavialis gangeticus) and a PhD on the Red-crowned roofed turtle (Batagur kachuga). He spearhead WCS’s India Turtle Conservation Program and has been instrumental in implementing over 167 conservation, research and education projects across the country. He was the first Indian biologist to receive the Disney Conservation Hero Award in 2008. Shailendra is also a Vice Chair of IUCN Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group and IUCN SSC Crocodile Specialist Group among several other International and national conservation committees.


Arunima Singh 

Arunima spends her time in captive husbandry and conservation breeding of endangered chelonians. Her part of the time is been dedicated to the field for the studies of the reproductive biology of the Crowned River Turtle (Hardella thurjii) as a part of her Ph.D. studies. She has a gym-o-phile and spends her time in the gym after tight office hours.


Pawan Pareek

Pawan Pareek works on critically endangered turtle Batagur kachuga in National Chambal Sanctuary under Turtle Project. He is involved in the activities like nest protection, head-starting, radio telemetry, and community outreach activity via the school education program and he routinely rescues snakes.


Mukesh Mishra

As an accounts officer, he is responsible for the financial record-keeping, and managing fund disbursement and expenditures. Apart from this, he is also interested in making detective stories.


Sreeparna Dutta 

Sreeparna Dutta works on the Terai arc landscape understanding the freshwater turtle population in Sarju River. She also provides tech support and helps in mapping and GIS work. Outside the office, she likes to show her cutlery passion.


Dr. Saurabh Dewan

Saurabh is a Development Coordinator with the Turtle Project. He has explored different aquatic ecosystem set- ups across Uttarakhand, for more than 10 years through projects funded under the Conservation Leadership Program and DST-SERB. The majority of his work was on understanding the population dynamics of golden mahseer, habitat analysis, threat assessment, and developing community-based conservation models, effective public education and outreach programs. At the Turtle Project his work is assisting with the organizational development activities like proposal and grant writing, social media, blogs, and appeals pertaining to various projects.








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