WCS-India’s work spans a variety of ecosystems, from the rugged expanse of the hills to the rich biodiversity of the coast. This geographical diversity mirrors the kaleidoscope of stakeholders we engage with, each possessing unique cultural and environmental contexts. Understanding the nuanced needs and perspectives of these groups is central to our mission. We support WCS-India’s conservation vision through creative and impactful communication strategies, exploring how engaging narratives through visual and written communication can transform complex science into accessible content for a wide variety of audiences. By leveraging compelling storytelling and data-driven content, we support the organisation’s programmes, create engaging outreach initiatives, bolster our digital presence, streamline internal communications, and facilitate collaborative work with experts in the field and other aligned institutions. 

Our strategy embraces versatility, prioritising a broad spectrum of content that goes well beyond traditional formats. Ranging from data visualisation, information design, visual reports, infographics, and audio-visual content to other creative outputs, all crafted to capture attention and effectively communicate our message. This diversity in our work ensures we connect with our audience on various platforms in a clear and professional manner. While engaging narratives for events such as exhibitions and talks also form a crucial part of our repertoire, they complement our wider array of initiatives, showcasing the depth and adaptability of our approach. 



Aditi Rajan

Aditi completed her Masters in Conservation Biology from the University of Kent, Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology. For her thesis then, she studied the habitat and food preferences of the Greater Bamboo Lemur in Madagascar. Recognizing her interest in communicating science early-on, during her Bachelors she was responsible for creating effective communication content for a project on aquatic insect ecology in Agumbe.  She has had a long-standing interest in making this field accessible and bridging the gap between people and science. She is currently exploring ways for creating effective education and outreach programs towards the goal to be more proactive, provocative, and purposeful in increasing environmental literacy. Along with a passion for the mountains, she loves maps, infographics, learning (anything!), and harbors a mild caffeine addiction.


Anukriti Shaw

Anukriti is a science communicator specializing in Wildlife Conservation, holding a Master’s degree in Wildlife Conservation Action from Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Environment and Research (BVIEER). With a solid academic foundation, she excels in effective communication through creative mediums such as writing and design. Anukriti possesses a diverse skill set encompassing research, social media management, writing, and design. Currently serving as the Social Media Coordinator in the Communications Team at WCS-India, Anukriti is responsible for leading WCS-India’s social media presence, ensuring coherence in messaging, and delivering engaging content across various platforms. 


Jessica Luis

Jessica Luis is a Design Assistant with the Counter Wildlife Trafficking program. She obtained her Masters degree in Ecology and Environmental Sciences from Pondicherry University in 2016. She also has a diploma in Social Communications Media from Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai. Her work so far has focused on Smooth-coated Otter ecology and interaction with fisheries in Goa, Indian Skimmer breeding ecology along the Chambal, citizen science initiatives to document urban tree biodiversity and intertidal ecology, wildlife illustration and science communication.


Manish Machaiah

Manish is the Outreach Officer at WCS-India, where he excels in the technical aspects of communication operations. With a profound interest in photography and video documentation, he infuses storytelling and visual communication to convey the organization's mission effectively. Manish's passion for conservation shines through his work, making him an invaluable asset in fostering awareness and engagement.


Phalguni Ranjan

Phalguni is a science and conservation communicator with a background in marine biology. She aims to simplify science to make it more relatable for people through creative means - using writing, visual storytelling, and art as tools for awareness and outreach. She has previously worked on research projects in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep, and as a communicator (community-based conservation, outreach, grants) in the wildscapes of Karnataka, India. When not working, she enjoys writing, and creating art that is inspired by and centred around nature and wildlife.  

Phalguni joined the WCS-India Marine Program as a Project Associate in November 2021. She is part of the efforts to create a comprehensive virtual repository of India's rich and diverse marine life, and related resources. 


Radha Pennathur

Radha Pennathur is a designer who specialises in visual storytelling and illustration. She has a keen interest in exploring the intersection between art and science, and in finding new ways to make conversations around conservation more accessible and engaging. Radha graduated from Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology in 2019, with a degree in Visual Communication and Strategic Branding, and a minor in Creative Writing.


Rujan Sarkar

Rujan completed his bachelor’s degree from James Cook University, where he studied Zoology and Marine Biology. His work so far has involved conducting biodiversity surveys in a variety of ecosystems, assisting in a project regarding invasive cats in Australian rainforests, and studying regeneration at seed dispersal sites of hornbills in North-East India. Apart from wildlife, he is also interested in music and photography. He hopes to bring together his scientific and creative interests to help people better understand the natural world and our place as a part of it. 


Rucha Bhave

Rucha is a designer with an interest in illustration, wildlife conservation and participatory design research. She completed her degree in Product Design from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad in 2022. Her work has since been focused on using design and illustration to convey complex information about wildlife conservation to a larger audience. She has been working as a communications designer at WCS-India since 2023.


Satish G Nagathan

Satish holds a Master’s degree from Kuvempu University and a B.Ed  from SFNCMBC, Karnataka. Formerly employed at a daily newspaper, he enjoys writing short stories and articles and is an avid bird watcher and photographer. He has worked as a Research Officer for almost 9 years, an experience that took him across the forests of the Western and Eastern Ghats. 


Credits: Illustration - Aditi Rajan (Cover), Rucha Bhave






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