Rights and Communities

We aim to enhance conservation strategies through collaboration with local communities, government entities, and NGOs, fostering community ownership and integrating Rights and Communities discourse into mainstream conservation. Our vision is to respect diversity and inclusivity, promoting an egalitarian approach to achieve conservation goals. We aspire to a just, equitable, and resilient future where communities value wildlife, allowing nature to thrive.



Dr Manish Chandi

Manish Chandi has worked for 25 years in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, focusing on the interface between communities and the natural environment. He has conducted research on salt-water crocodiles, sea turtles, forest trees, and indigenous communities. In 2016, he completed his doctoral thesis with the Nature Conservation Foundation, exploring the impact of the 2004 tsunami on resource-sharing mechanisms in the Nicobar Islands. Manish has presented his work at various conferences and forums. Currently, he is with the Wildlife Conservation Society-India, developing links between human communities and conservation areas and creating educational resources for the WCSI-NCBS doctoral programme in Wildlife Ecology.


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