Paromita Ray

Paromita, Research Associate, presently leads the projects on carrying capacity estimation for ecotourism activities in India. She also supports in management and monitoring of the various programs at WCS-India. An aquatic ecologist with over 5 years’ experience on a broad range of topics including community ecology of fishes, ecosystem-based conservation of freshwater and coastal resources, impacts of climate change on mangroves and associated species including their vulnerability assessment, she has conducted socio-economic surveys of artisanal fishermen and has an understanding ecology of threatened mammals associated with wetlands. She has completed M.Sc in Environmental Studies from University of Delhi in 2009, and currently pursuing her PhD from Saurashtra University and Wildlife Institute of India on the ecology and distribution of fishes in a mangrove forest in Andhra Pradesh. Her primary research interests lie in understanding the patterns and processes in fish communities, linkages between freshwater and marine ecosystems, and studying the long-term impacts of river regulation and fragmentation on aquatic communities. She is also interested in community-based management and conservation of freshwater resources in the Eastern Ghats – a lesser known landscape in India. In that regard, she is a part of a project to conserve the threatened freshwater fish species in Andhra Pradesh. This project has been supported by grants received from the Conservation Leadership Programme and Ruffords.



Jisha Jacob 

Jisha Jacob is an environmental engineer working with the Ecotourism Program. She is an ardent advocate of responsible tourism and believes in interdisciplinary approaches to looking at things. She is also part of the Marine and Combatting Wildlife Trafficking team, where she helps with designing monitoring and evaluation techniques for training programmes and workshops. In her past career, Jisha has served as environmental education officer, and has also performed in the fields of environmental impact assessments, which she still continues to work on, through the Ecotourism Program. Apart from creative projects on nature conservation and sustainability being some of her personal side hustles, you can find her thinking about where next to travel to or what next to eat.








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